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Creative Save-The-Date Ideas
Save-the-Date (Stop Motion) from Karleidoscope on Vimeo.
If you need to organise save-the-dates for a wedding, but want to save money or want something a bit more creative and unique, check out this roundup of free card templates, ideas and tutorials, plus a fun array of save-the-date videos for a completely personal announcement.
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DIY Model Making Techniques & Tutorials

Photo and bricks by Kodomut.
This page on miniature model making is one of my absolute favourites – I’ve always been interested in modelling techniques, crafts and stop-motions animation so I’ve combined all of those things in one web page.
It lists lots of tutorials for making sets, scenery and terrain for stop-motion movies, Warhammer gaming, diorama making, dollhouse decorating and more. I hope you find it interesting 🙂

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DIY Skin Care, Beauty Products & More

Photo and bath bomb by Steph Seager.
Until I started doing research for making my own face masks, I never knew you could make so many of your own beauty and skin products at home – including DIY deodorants, moisturisers, lip balms, sugar scubs, bath bombs and cleansers! Click here to see the whole roundup of recipes and tutorials.
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Creepiest & Weirdest Animals

I have a bit of a fascination with dinosaurs, weird-looking creatures, giant animals that existed a long, long time ago, and also sharks. I’m pretty sure the fascination stems from a massive fear of these things. But if you also find them interesting, and like looking at frogs that squeak (come on, the desert rain frog is CUTE!) then check out ‘WTF, Evolution?‘ and ‘Creepy Animals’.

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Real-Life Lichtenstein

I’ve always loved Roy Lichtenstein’s comic-book-style art (and he shares my birthday too yay!) so I was impressed when I saw this blog post from Helen Glory where his artworks were turned into real holdable items using foam board and acrylics – how cool?!
And if you’re a fan of Lichtenstein too, you have to look at these photos taken at the current exhibition going on in London.