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Draw a Realistic Water Droplet

I’ve put together a step-by-step instructional page for drawing a water drop with just a pencil, some paper and an eraser. It might look hard but honestly the above drawing was my second attempt and I don’t think it’s too shabby!
I’ve also linked to other tutorials for drawing and painting water with different media, and showcased some awesome water-drawing videos too.
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Travel Sketching Tutorials & Inspiration

Photo and drawings by Stacey Maddock.
As an accompaniment to the page I previously compiled on drawing, I’ve just put together a page (that you can see here) all about sketching on location – whether it’s in an urban setting, on a train or in the great outdoors when you’re on your travels. There are lots of tips plus art demos and advice for how to draw quickly in public. Hope you like it!
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How To Take Better Product & Blog Photos

Photo and lightbox by Kirby Kerr.
If you sell products online or you blog about food/fashion/your life, then clear and bright photos are one of the most important things you will need, if not the most important.
So I’ve compiled a resource of information, advice, tips, DIY lightbox tutorials, and ideas for setting up a mini photo studio at home – and you can see my page HERE. I hope it helps you out, because I know that I really struggle myself with making my photos look anywhere near professional 🙂
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Learn To Use Double Pointed Knitting Needles

I’m learning this technique myself at the moment (and will post video tutorials on it when I’ve mastered it) so I’ve collected together the best how-tos for beginners learning to use double pointed needles (DPNs), as well as the best free patterns for socks, cuddly toys, hats and simple starter projects.
I hope it helps you if you struggling learning how to knit in the round using 4 or 5 needles 🙂
Click here to have a look at my page.
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Beaded Jewellery Tutorials For Beginners

Photo and bracelet by Balanced Crafts.
Following on from the metal jewellery roundup I completed recently, I’ve put together a new page with a massive amount of information on beaded jewellery making. This includes explanations of the types of findings and stringing materials you can use, as well as tutorials for wire beading, string beading, pearl knotting, bead weaving (on and off a loom) and much more.
I hope you find it useful and inspires you to have a go 🙂
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A Cheeky Plea…

OK, so I found a website called Skillshare and I’ve become a little bit obsessed and I want to take a heck of a lot of their online classes….but I can’t afford it (sad face). Soooo….I’m making a cheeky plea to anyone who fancies also taking any of the classes on the site (including lots of graphic design type subjects) to please enrol through this link, which a) gives you $10 off, and b) gives me $10 off so I can take my classes…see, win-win!
Thanks for anyone who enrols via here 🙂 the classes are great I promise!
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Metal Jewelry Making For Beginners

Photo and jewelry by Different Seasons Jewelry.
If you’ve ever wanted to make your own jewelry from wire or metal, then I hope you find my newly compiled page on metalsmithing techniques useful. I’ve included all of the basic information you need to get started, plus tutorials on simple and more advanced wirework, sheet metal cutting, shaping techniques including hammering, soldering and plenty of DIY project instructions.
Enjoy 🙂