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Sad Day

I feel a bit weird about posting about someone dying – especially someone who I don’t actually know – but I’ve decided to make an exception in this case. That’s because, being a 90s kid, Robin Williams featured a lot in my childhood. 5 of my all-time favourite films (Dead Poet’s Society, Hook, Mrs Doubtfire, Jumanji and Aladdin) were as good as they were because of him. So I’m sad today, and feeling nostalgic.
Mr Williams was a total one-off who can’t ever be replaced. At least he will live on in a whole load of awesome films.
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DIY Rugs, Mats & Floor Art – ROUNDUP

Photo and mat by Go Haus Go – Click Here for the tutorial.

I previously compiled a wall & floor art resource in one single place, but it got so huge that I’ve now split it into two parts: wall art here, and floor art & rugs here. The latest page is packed with fun craft tutorials for creative rugs, doormats, floor painting and more so I hope you enjoy it 🙂
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Huge Collection of Budget Gift Guides for Men, Women, Teens & Kids

Photo by Erin Kohlenberg.
In preparation for Christmas gift giving, I’ve made some budget based gift guides, plus lots of gift guides for other occasions. I’ve included a wide range of price points whilst trying to only pick those products with very high ratings on Amazon. I’ve also tried to be a bit creative and think outside the box so the choices aren’t the same as always:)
I hope you find them useful!
And here are a few which are aimed at certain hobbies or other special occasions: