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Gishwhes 2017

Gishwhes is basically a huge scavenger hunt that is open to anyone in the world (I think) – and all you have to do is find a team and be prepared to do some crazy, random, awesome stuff!

It’s one of those things that looks ridiculously fun and something that would give you a lot of anecdotes and memories, but I’d be too shy to do 😦 But if it looks like something you could do, you have until August to get your team ready.

The scavenger madness lasts one week only. Enjoy!

Bored at Home? · Favourite Websites

Free Online Animation Course


I’ve always been very interested in animation – stop motion animation in particular – but because it’s so niche, there isn’t that much information or many tutorials out there to help & inspire.

That’s why I was especially pleased to find this free animation course that provides a wealth of videos and interviews all about stop-motion animation. I thought I should share it here in case anyone else out there would also find a lot of value in it.