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Fun & Quirky Greetings Cards – UK

This business has been a looonnnng time in the making, but The Card Connoisseur is finally here!

I have started selling greetings cards (just in the UK at first) that feature original illustrations by me and are all printed on quality card. I’m really excited about concentrating on this business, and can’t wait to add more and more designs… as well as some handcrafted cards too later on.

Thanks to everyone who has a browse 🙂

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Huge Collection of Budget Gift Guides for Men, Women, Teens & Kids

Photo by Erin Kohlenberg.
In preparation for Christmas gift giving, I’ve made some budget based gift guides, plus lots of gift guides for other occasions. I’ve included a wide range of price points whilst trying to only pick those products with very high ratings on Amazon. I’ve also tried to be a bit creative and think outside the box so the choices aren’t the same as always:)
I hope you find them useful!
And here are a few which are aimed at certain hobbies or other special occasions:
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Harry Potter Monopoly

I LOVE this idea and the execution is fantastic! Harry Potter is crying out to be made into a Monopoly game (Azkaban as the prison, fines for blowing up your aunt etc) but until it is I am seriously considering making me one of these. The game shown above was made by sticking new printed designs on top of an old game board and box – check out the fab details here, and find free printables here.
I also like this version, especially the golden snitch and sorting hat playing pieces made out of clay 🙂
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Real-Life Lichtenstein

I’ve always loved Roy Lichtenstein’s comic-book-style art (and he shares my birthday too yay!) so I was impressed when I saw this blog post from Helen Glory where his artworks were turned into real holdable items using foam board and acrylics – how cool?!
And if you’re a fan of Lichtenstein too, you have to look at these photos taken at the current exhibition going on in London.