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Street Art

I love street art, whether it’s graffiti (the creative type, NOT tags!), paper shapes, 3D sculptures, or pavement illustrations.
And a particularly ingenious form of street art is showcased on the Little People website, where little figures in different poses and situations are left in random places in the city. I love this art, it’s like a whole different world you could walk right past and miss completely. I would love to do this kind of thing, although how you make such intricate little models I do not know!
For some, erm, interesting street art which involves making poo look prettier (!), you can have a look at the hilarious, but a bit gross, photos here.
To see the making of some street art, have a look here.

3 thoughts on “Street Art

  1. I love the miniature things.. I just bought some tiny cats and was trying to make something with them and I have a tiny dog and tiny tree … I love my tiny things…thanks


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