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Fun in the Snow!

I have decided to create a collection of items for making the most out of your time in the snow. This is in tribute to the few flakes I spotted in England a couple of weeks ago – I got so excited because I LOVE snow, but as soon as it started it pretty much stopped 😦
So this is for people who are lucky enough to get proper snow!

First off, we have the IceBox, which is an (expensive) aid to help you make perfect igloos! Go here to buy or to browse awesome igloo photos (such as above).
^ IceBox in use.
To have a look at the different ways and techniques you can use to build an igloo go here.
For an awesome snow castle, visit this site (not just for kids I’m sure!): To create snowballs for the ultimate snowball fight, arm yourselves each with a Sno-Baller, which can create upto 60 snowballs a minute!
For Americans, you can buy yours here, and for UK residents, you can gets your here.

And to add a bit of colour to your igloo, just add a mix of food colouring and water to a spray bottle ! (see pics here)

If you run out of ideas, then try this website too 🙂

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