Gap Year + Travel

Gap Year + Travel Links III

Fab virtual tours of Barcelona, Amsterdam, Lisbon, London and Paris.
DFDS Seaways
Trips and cruises by sea.
National Express
Travel to many different destinations.
Easy Jet
Low cost airline.
World Surface
Read about people’s real life experiences in many destinations, and get a guide for things to do / places to see worldwide.
Yummy Jobs
Opportunities for work in Disney World. Sounds like fun!
Travel Buddy
Forum for meeting fellow travellers and reading their travel stories and reviews, as well as lots of photos to give you itchy feet.
Projects Abroad
Voluntary work placements including teaching, care, conservation, healthcare, sports, culture and journalism. Good choice of destinations.
Tall Ships
Charity enabling people to have an adventure of a lifetime crewing a tall ship…looks like fun!
Walt Disney World

Interesting forum all about working in Disney World. You can chat with current workers and other applicants, as well as viewing tips and a survival guide. I love Disney so this is very tempting for me 🙂


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