Gap Year + Travel

Gap Year + Travel Links

Black Tomato
Lots of inspiration for your travels.
Go Wander
Journey tips, plus blogs detailing the travels of other people – interesting and inspiring.
My Trip Journal
People’s journals about their adventures and travels, with photos and info.
Lazy Shark
HUGE mass of info on the cheapest backpacker accommodation, plus a range of trips and tours. It’s free and allows you to see other people’s experiences and plan your own, plus upload your own travel diary entries and photos.
Adding Travel To Your CV
Really useful info about how to make your gap year make your CV more impressive – plus tips on wording.
Tips for Solo Travellers
5 tips for solo travellers to make you feel less lonely!
Travel Independant
Loads of brilliant advice on packing, where to go and what to see in a wide range of countries; a must-see before you travel.
Good for unusual info on destinations, and very varied information on most places in the world.
Get Jealous

Interesting to look at other people’s travels and also record your own adventures….so everyone can get jealous!


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